Department of Architectural Design

Head of department : Nagwa Mohammed Elsayed Ahmed Elmufti

The Architectural Design Department has main role of the College of Architecture and Planning in its context of specializationwhich are architectural design and construction techniques. This departmentrepresents the study by teachingarchitectural design inthe design studio and also by teaching all other necessary theoretical courses which are associated with the design studio. This departmentgraduates students who are specialized in Architectural Design. And also offers postgraduate programs of MSc. and Ph.D. in Architecture beside to the contribution in teaching and training in other departments. Moreover, the main objectives of the Department of Architecture are:-

  1. To create an environment to encourage creative production and allow viable class which has ability for creative production to employ those creative skills in the field of Architecture.
  2. To supply students an outstanding architectural education.
  3. To lead an academic services in the field of Architecture.

Academic Programs: